Monday, November 12, 2018
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Women’s Economic Equity (WEE) Project & WEE Boutique

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The Women's Economic Equity (WEE) Project is dedicated to ushering rural women into self-sufficiency and increasing their capacity to obtain financial independence through career coaching; professional development training; and support services, including the provision of professional attire and networking opportunities.


How It Works...
1) Women apply to or are referred to the WEE Project by community partners.
2) Applicants meet one-on-one with program staff to determine individual career goals.
3) Participants enroll in weekly professional development sessions for up to six weeks.
4) Whenever possible, participants are paired with a volunteer career mentor.
5) Upon completion of the professional development program, participants receive one interview appropriate outfit.
6) Once a participant obtains employment, she is eligible for mix & match career separates sufficient for one week's wardrobe.
7) Program alumna are invited to participate in ongoing professional networking opportunities.

The WEE Boutique
The WEE Boutique is an exclusive store where program participants can "shop" for professional attire free of charge. The WEE Boutique is NOT open to the public except during advertised excess stock sales.

For more information about the WEE Project or the WEE Boutique, please call Jennifer Gregory, FRC/Special Projects Director, at (252) 492-8810.


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