Wednesday, November 21, 2018
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Community Services Block Grant Program

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Emergency Assistance Policy

The Community Services Block Grant Program Administered under the Department of Health and Human Services / Office of Economic Opportunity, helps to eliminate, reduce, or address the conditions of poverty in Franklin, Vance, Warren and Granville Counties.  The CSBG program has offices in each of these counties located in the downtown area for the convenience of low-income families.


 Economic Self-Sufficiency Project
  The Economic Self Sufficiency Project is a comprehensive employment preparation, training, development, placement and retention pergram designed to assist low income individuals to obtain employment that enables them to support their family and household needs.  The project includes a two step approach, Group approach and a Individualized approach, to assist individuals to become economically self sufficient.  Both approaches are coupled with intensive and comprehensive case management services that utilize an array of individual, family and employment supportive services to increase the program’s success and effectiveness..

Group Training Component:

This component of the Economic Self-Sufficiency Project targets families that need intensive job preparation, motivational and/or attitudinal training, remedial education and personal development training in order to obtain, retain or advance to a better job. The group training component will utilize the core curriculum of this Agency’s “Employment Boot Camp” training program. Training will be provided in the following areas,

(1) Resume' and Application Preparation,

(2) Interview Drills and Techniques,

(3) Appropriate Dress, Personal Appearance and Conduct,

(4) Personal Development, Cosmetology and Hygiene,

(5) Stress Management and Life Skills,

(6) Physical Fitness and Nutrition Education and Preparation,

(7) Budgeting and Home Management,

(8) Crisis Management,

(9) Confilict Resolution. Classes will be conducted by the Family Support Specialists on a regular basis with guest facilitators conducting some class sessions.


Individualized Training Component:  Client_Intake 
The individualized training component of this Economic Self Sufficiency Project involves the Family Support Specialists, as case managers, working with individuals to assess their strengths and assets, obstacles and objectives, and help them to develop a set of career goals. The individualized training approach uses a customized case management process to match career paths for unemployed or underemployed individuals with specific employment sectors, and identify and define the services and resources necessary to achieve the career advancement objectives of the participants. This project organizes and obtains project planning participation commitments from area employers and employment and skills training entities that serves as a resource for training and employment. Using the input from the community college, Work Force Development data, relevant professionals and others, the Project identifies the most expressed, viable, realistic, and desirable career goals for each group and identifies the barriers in the employment sector environment that affect each group’s ability to obtain their career goals.  

Who Qualifies

To participate in the Economic Self-Sufficiency Program in order to help identify and obtain employment with a living wage or above minimum wage with benefits, you must meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Federal Income Poverty Guidelines. For more information, please contact the local office in your respective county.


 Family  Income
 1 $21,660 
 2 $29,140
 3 $36,620 
 4 $44,100
 5 $51,580
 6 $59,060
 7 $66,540
 8 $74,020

Emergency Assistance Policy

For More information please contact Felicia Gregory.

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